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Year 13 Student at Sixth Form. Give me anything about Economics, Business and Maths and I'm all yours. Everything else is dependent on probability unfortunately.  
Gears of War needs to move forwards, not backwards. We want Gears 2 UE. We need Gears 5. I know which one I would rather have.  
Joined in at Gears 2, been a fan ever since.  
Currently level 1074 in Gears 4.  
Thanks to xSonoshee for the Rockstar pack!  
SERIOUSLY 4.0 ACHIEVED: 02/07/17  
Formerly CatchableSteam2  
Favourite Load out Weapon: Gnasher  
Favourite power weapon: Longshot  
Favourite map of all time: Raven Down  
Favourite map to play Horde on: River, Gears 2  
Favourite COG character: Benjamin Carmine  
Favourite Gears game: Gears 2  
Favourite multiplayer: Gears 3  
Favourite multiplayer mode: Guardian  
Favourite story: Gears 1  
Favourite Locust character: Savage Grenadier  
Favourite quote: Gears 2 : "THEY ARE SINKING CITIES WITH A GIANT WORM!!!"

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