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Fenix family: - Marcus, Anya, JD.  
Carmine Family: - Ben, Anthony.  
Unnamed Gears: - Male Onyx, Female Onyx, Female Medic.  
Diaz Family: - Reyna, Kait (rarely)  
Locust/Swarm: - RAAM, MAGO, Big Daddy Skorge.  
Character skins you'll see me using:  
Marcus: Biker, V-Day.  
Anya: Armored, E-Day.  
JD: Armored, Zombie, Outsider (T H I C C AF)  
Reyna: Vintage.  
Kait: Armored.  
MAGO: Pink M O I S T & T H I C C sexiness.

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Oh, That Was Fun
Oh, That Was Fun

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