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Level 400 in gears 3, 58 in gears 2 (i know that sucks lol), 300 something in judgement, 90 In gears 4. Have all fortifications maxed out in gears 3 (silverback level 5 nearly killed me :P). Level 7 soldier in gears 4 (soldier is best class imo). All dlc in gears 3 and judgement, missing only combustible in gears 2. I like playing with friends on the couch. Dont except friend reqs on xbl but you're free to msg me if you need an extra horde or campaign player. I dont really play Versus. Fav characters are Marcus, Anya, James, Benjamin, Anthony, Male and Female Onyx Guards. I have all 5 books. All games except ultimate edition. Been playing since 07. I am the person who runs around with pink and rainbow skins! 20/F/CA as cliché as that sounds :P.

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Oh, That Was Fun
Oh, That Was Fun

Has logged in and played in all legacy Gears of War games (1, 2, 3, Judgement) on this Gamertag