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Lately, I have received several private messages from fellow forum users asking me specifically to take part in their threads.  
While I appreciate that many of you value my opinion, I must inform everyone that I will engage in conversations at my own pace and typically those I feel that I might add something of value. My main reason for coming to these forums is for the sake of fun and occasionally taking part in constructive discourse with the intent of improving understanding between other users and representatives from The Coalition.  
If you need something from me personally, I may engage in private dialogue but will retain the right to not respond if for whatever reason I choose not to.  
If you truly feel that a particular topic would benefit from my input, then the least I will do is take a quick look, but only after due consideration will I decide to engage.  
Lastly, many messages I’ve received are about topics relating to Gears Packs. While I do have my own opinion on the matter, I’ve chosen to not be a part of that conversation so I must insist that no one solicit me for a response.  
Thank you for your understanding,  
Stoic Slab.

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