Ultimate Edition - Upcoming Changes

Hey there Gears fans! While the team is hard at work on Gears 4 as we prepare for the huge year ahead, we've also been continuing our support for Ultimate Edition behind the scenes - including a brand new Title Update in the works, and some small but impactful improvements to a couple of our modes. Read on for details!


When Raven Down 24/7 arrives today as a Special Event, we'll also be deploying a couple of updates for Blitz and Execution that we've been testing here at The Coalition!

While we didn't want to mess with Execution's current settings too much in order to preserve it's competitive nature, we felt it was important to address the feedback from the Execution community seeking longer match times. From Friday's update, we'll be taking a small but potentially significant step in that direction - we'll be closely monitoring match times to decide if we should raise the limit further in the future.

Rounds To Win: 4 -> 5.

We've been cooking up some new tweaks to Blitz to further build on the more frantic objective gameplay it currently offers, and it's ready to roll out today.

With this update, rings will now spend much less time in one location and DBNO players can get back into the fight faster. As an experience, it makes Blitz an even faster paced objective mode where you are rarely static - the fight constantly rotates around the map, and it provides a unique alternative to the more capture and hold experience of King of the Hill. We've also removed five maps from the mode that didn't work as well in the new format and upped the Rounds to Win to 2 based on positive feedback from the change to KOTH.

We've had some great fun testing this at the studio, and we look forward to your feedback on how the new Blitz feels!

Rounds to Win: 1 -> 2
Ring Timer: 70 -> 45
Self-Revive Time: 15 -> 10

Removed Bullet Marsh
Removed Courtyard
Removed Gold Rush
Removed Tyro Station
Removed Garden


We are currently putting together the final touches on a new Title Update for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition! While we can't discuss many of the specifics right now until the Title Update is locked and ready for deployment, we've been working on addressing some key fan feedback as part of this update - including making kills for Seriously count in both Social and Competitive.

Keep an eye on GearsofWar.com for full information on the new Title Update in the coming weeks, and let us know what you think of the latest updates in the official forums!

From all of us at The Coalition