Whether you’re a veteran of your craft, or just starting out, The Coalition Army (TCA) is here to enhance your journey as a Gears content creator.

TCA members will receive exclusive resources and opportunities direct from The Coalition to support your growth as a creator.

TCA Program Perks

As you build your audience and create incredible content, you’ll have the chance to move from a TCA member to a TCA Partner – a select group of our top Gears creators that will get access to even more benefits and opportunities from The Coalition!

Member Perks

Professional-Grade Resources

Professional-Grade Resources

Up your content game with stream overlays, intros, Cosplay guides & more

High-Quality Art Assets

High-Quality Art Assets

Access to high-resolution renders and videos

Dedicated Merchandise Perks

Dedicated Merchandise Perks

Unlock access to pre-orders and discounts on Gears merchandise

Exclusive in-game content

Exclusive in-game content

Access to select skins

Partner Perks

Priority Access

Priority Access

Be among the first to cover new in-game content and more

In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight

Reach new Gears fans with promotion on Gears owned channels

Audience Perks

Audience Perks

Give back to your viewers with drops of in-game content and merchandise

Exclusive swag

Exclusive swag

Partner products, in-game content and merchandise

Meet our partners

Our TCA Partners represent some of the best creators in the Gears of War community. Each partner has entered the program by consistently creating high quality Gears of War content, maintaining a constructive example-setting attitude and building a loyal audience.

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If you create regular Gears content, you can apply to become a TCA Member. For creators with an established audience, your application may be considered for the TCA Partner Program. Requirement guidelines include 10,000+ followers on Twitch or Mixer as well as 2 to 3 streams a week and/or 20,000+ subscribers on YouTube and upload videos weekly. Please note that being eligible does not guarantee selection.

How to Start

1. Register For The Program

Let us know about you as a Creator and verify your accounts.

2. Access Resources

TCA Program content can be used immediately upon sign-up!

3. Get Creating

Find your audience and keep creating incredible Gears content.


Why do I need to sign in and link my accounts?

We care deeply about protecting our creators. Verifying account ownership helps us to prevent fraudulent claims of ownership for both our creators and our collective fans.

As part of The Coalition Army registration process, you will be asked to sign in to any relevant social media accounts that contain Gears of War content. This verification process confirms that you own the account.

We do not retrieve any information beyond your account name and confirmation of your ownership during this process, and The Coalition cannot access your account in any way.

Will you ever use my content in any way?

By signing up for The Coalition Army, you’re helping us find your work, which in turn allows us to share it with the rest of the Gears of War community!

Your creations might be shared with other Gears fans through our social media channels. When we do, we’ll be sure to credit you and point fans to more of your creations (whenever possible). If we’re sharing your videos, we’ll be sure to share them directly from your channel.

What do you mean by registering helps us ‘know who you are’?

There’s a LOT of content out there on the internet, and even with our team constantly trying to find amazing content to share, there’s always people who slip through the cracks.

By being part of the TCA Program, we get to know about you as a creator where to find your work through the submission form. This helps us to keep track of the passionate creators in our community, regardless of your current audience size or SEO luck!

How do I move from Member to Partner?

The Partner Program is a strictly invite-only part of The Coalition Army. We know many creators will aspire to be in this program, which is why we’ve outlined some basic requirements as a goal to aim for in order to be considered as a Partner. However, our passion for building a Partner Program is built around three things:

  • High-quality and regularly posted Gears content
  • A constructive attitude built around fostering discussion, positive or negative
  • A continually growing audience

These three factors are highly important to us. Even if you meet the requirements for consideration, it does not guarantee entry. Conversely, we may sometimes invite Members who have yet to meet the requirements based on these factors.

I think I’d be a great Partner but I don’t meet the requirements. How can I apply?

Entry to the TCA Partner Program is by invitation-only. We do not accept applications or petitions – if we feel like you’d be a great fit, we’ll reach out to you.

I’m a creator outside video and streaming (ie. Cosplayer). Can I join?

Absolutely. Not only would we love to know about what you do, we also provide content that is useful for Fan Artists, Cosplayers and Fan Site owners as part of the Program.

Where do I get my assets from?

TCA Member and TCA Partner assets are stored online in Microsoft SharePoint. There are two ways of accessing the link:

  • Once you register and confirm your email, you’ll receive a follow up email from the SharePoint App with the link location.
  • You can also find the link in your My Profile page under The Coalition Army program.

What if I am already enrolled in the current TCA program?

Since we’re re-launching the TCA program with all new perks, we’re starting fresh with all new members and you’ll need to re-enroll.