Gears of War 4 July Gear Pack: Savage Locust

Savage Locust Gear Pack

Get Savage on the COG with the new Savage Locust Gear Pack!

The Savage Locust Gear Pack contains the the Savage Grenadier, Drone and Grenadier Elite, which stand out with their primal look from life after the flooding of the Hollow. This Gear Pack is available for 2000 Credits until Monday!

This release also comes with the added option of the Savage Locust Mega Pack - a 10 Card Gear Pack that offers a guaranteed Savage Locust character and less duplicates compared to opening two separate Gear Packs. Mega Pack bundles begin at $9.99 USD.

Additionally, every Savage Locust Pack has a chance to find Civilian Anya early before her Craft Only release later this month.

Pack Contents

Savage Grenadier Elite
Savage Grenadier
Savage Drone

Weapon Skins
Savage Locust

Savage Locust

*Bonus Chance To Find*
Civilian Anya