Gears of War 4 - Bonus Horde Skills Event

HORDE EVENT: ANYTHING GOES enhanced loot drops

We've had great feedback on Anything Goes from the Horde community, and we're excited to bring a new twist to our random Horde Wave event.

This month, you'll be battling both the elements and the Horde on Reclaimed Windflare! Additionallly, two difficulty levels will be available for players to let you pick the challenge you want - Insane (Standard) and Normal (Ironman). Choose which difficulty you prefer by toggling Ironman On or Off.

This playlist also has Enhanced Loot Drops, with this month's event focusing on the Rise of the Horde Skill collection. In case you don't know, Loot Drops occur after defeating a boss at Wave 30, 40 and 50. In this playlist, Skill Loot Drops of Rare or above will be a guaranteed Rise of the Hode Skill Card!

We've also increased the chance of finding Epic Skill Cards in this playlist, with as high as a 25% chance on Insane difficulty. If you're chasing the best Loot Drop chances, Insane is the way to go - but for players looking for a less intense challenge, Normal Ironman still provides a great way to build up your Rise of the Horde skill collection.

Try it now under the Horde Matchmaking Menu! Enhanced Loot Drops are enabled until Friday 28th July. The playlist will be available until our Horde event next month.

*NOTE* Thanks to community reports, we have identified and fixed a bug that impacted some tuning in the previous Anything Goes playlist. This is now resolved in time for Anything Goes with Enhanced Loot Drops.


Phase One of our Competitive 2.0 Beta is well underway. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far.

Double XP is now disabled for the Competitive 2.0 Playlist - look for it to re-appear once Phase 2 of our testing begins. Stay tuned for more updates.

Civilian anya is now craftable

If you missed out on finding Civilian Anya in our July Gear Packs, you can now spend 2400 Scrap to Craft her in-game!

Have a great weekend Gears fans. We'll be out there dodging lightning strikes (badly) with you on Horde!