March Gear Packs Are Back!

 Alongside our March Versus Weekend - featuring Classic One Shot One Kill - the Locust Drones and Weapon Collector 1 Gear Packs are BACK in the Gears 4 store! 

Locust Drones Gear Pack - 2000 Credits / $4.99 USD

The Locust Drones Gear Pack contains two classic Locust Characters to collect - the standard Locust Drone and the fearsome Locust Grenadier! This Gear Pack also includes 2 Weapon Skin sets themed to iconic enemies - Boomer and Juvie. Look out for the unsettling blinking eye on the Juvie Weapon Skin set!


  • Locust Drone
  • Locust Grenadier

Weapon Skins

  • Juvie (Animated)
  • Boomer

Weapon Collector 1 - 400 Credits / $0.99 USD

Weapon Collector 1 is a Weapon Skin focused Pack containing 2 animated and 2 static weapon skin sets to collect!


• Bone
• Digital Camo


• Beam Wave
• Smoke Puff


Tai Kaliso - 2400 Scrap / Chance to find in March Gear Packs!

Tai is now available as a Craftable Character for 2400 Scrap! Don't have the Scrap or want to save up for something else? There's also a chance to find Tai in our March Gear Packs available this weekend - Locust Drones and Weapon Collector 1!

Grab your packs before availability ends on Monday!