Mindfreak Expands to Gears of War, Acquire Top Australian Team

Mindfreak, an Australian eSports organization highlighted by the most dominant squad in Australian Call of Duty history; will look to expand their empire to Gears of War, announcing that they have officially picked up FlySquad – the region’s current top Gears team. Sitting atop the Asia-Pacific Pro Point standings with an undefeated ladder record and pair of weekly tournament wins, the new Mindfreak contingent appear to be well on their way to punching their ticket to the Gears 4 Launch Invitational in October. Although there’s no way of knowing how the squad will perform once Gears 4 actually kicks off, they certainly have the pedigree to maintain their position as the team to beat in the Asian Pacific region. Similar to the Latin American powerhouse squad Splyce, the former FlySquad roster features players who have been holding court in their region since the franchise’s third installment, with Virrix and Dave winning nearly every online event in on and offline competition. Although Dave dropped out for Gears UE, Virrix continued his winning ways in Gears UE with Jjmbob, dropping only one tournament to a squad featuring now-teammates Wjlly and Bxnndy. Nevertheless, despite their capacity for continued success, the squad is entering Gears 4 with a measured confidence, acknowledging that they are unsure how they will perform against North American teams on LAN. Although time will tell how they will measure up against the rest of the world’s best, the new Mindfreak squad possesses a champion’s mindset and should be a team to watch on the international stage.

The new Mindfreak roster for Gears 4 is:
William ‘Wjlly’ Hall
Paul Leonard ‘Bxxndy’ Bond
Jordan ‘Virrix’ Rogerson
James ‘Jjmbob’ McAlary
Jay ‘DaveFromTelstra’ Lloyd