We’re back for our second ever edition of What’s Up, your weekly look at all things Gears.

Here’s What’s Up this week!

  • The Big Game ‘Blitz IV’ Weekend starts on Friday, February 2nd
  • New Thrashball Pack arrives with The Big Game Weekend
  • OpTic Gaming took their fifth win in a row at the Mexico City Open
  • Rise of RAAM #1 stock is sold out to stores. Grab it while you can!
  • February Update released with 5 additional Wings levels and minor miscellaneous fixes

The Big Game Weekend

Prepare your squad to make big plays fast with a new Blitz Special Event complete with Double XP!

Inspired by the original Blitz in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, this version of Blitz focuses on speed and mastery of the Gears basics.

Securing a ring is only half the fight in Blitz. Once captured, rings will offer DOUBLE points – but you’ll need to keep at least one player in the ring to keep the points flowing in. Rings have less points and bleed them whether they are captured or not, so you'll need to make every play count.

With no area clearing weapons to help you push, you’ll have to wrestle control of the ring from your opponents the old fashioned way.

Completing the theme of the weekend alongside Blitz is the new Thrashball Pack! Fan favorites Thrashball Cole and Thrashball Drone return alongside two Gears team themed Weapon Skin Sets in this new 400 Credit Gear Pack. Collect them until Monday, February 5th.

February Update

If you’ve played since 10am on Thursday morning, you probably noticed a small update for Gears of War 4 arrived to your console.

Our February update is a small maintenance update, focusing on some small miscellaneous fixes and adding Wings 6-10. No patch notes for this one!

Wings 6 - 10 

Wings were introduced as a way for our most hardcore players to continue earning levels containing Credit Bonuses. We see Wings as 'bonus' levels beyond Re-Up 10, which means we expect the majority of players to not reach the heights of Wings 6 - 10.  

For those who reach Wings 6-10, here's what you can expect: 

  • Same XP requirements as Wings 5
  • Same bonus credits per level as Wings 5
  • NO associated weapon skin rewards at this time. We feel Wings 5 is a high target as it is for our fans.
  • An Emblem matching the in-game Wings icon you'll get with each Re-Up

Mexico City Open

What an event. Mexico City had it all – upsets, underdog stories, wins clawed back through sheer determination and some of the best plays ever seen in Gears of War 4.

OpTic Gaming cemented themselves as one of the most dominant teams in esports history by taking home their fifth consecutive tournament win. We’ll have to wait until Las Vegas this April 6th – 8th to find out if anyone can stop this monumental spree of victories!

We also want to give a shout out to our amazing fans for your support this weekend. Whether you were there in person raising the roof (seriously, what an electric atmosphere!) or watching from the comfort of your own home, thank you for being part of this incredible event. Your passion never ceases to amaze us. We've dropped a clip from the event below that sums up that passion perfectly.

Update on The Rise of RAAM Issue 1

In true Gears fan fashion, you guys didn’t just stun us with your support once this week – you did it twice! Thanks to you, The Rise of RAAM demand is so high that our print run of Issue #1 is OUT OF STOCK for retailers.

If you’re planning to pick up a physical copy of the original Issue #1, we recommend you hunt for your copy sooner rather than later. If you can’t find one at your retailer of choice, don’t worry – we’re doing another run of prints with a new ink cover releasing alongside Issue #2.

Find a copy while they last in our Gears store, digitally on your favorite marketplace or at your nearest comic book shop.

Museum of Community Glory

In this week's Museum of Community Glory, we asked you to send us your best Escalation clips to see who played it best - the Pros at the Mexico City Open, or the fans. We had SO many amazing submissions. Thanks to everyone who sent in their videos. Check out the Clips below and vote for the winner at the bottom!


Sumun's 2000 IQ Incendiary Grenade that won Optic the Grand Final

ToySoldier clutches a round of Escalation with FOUR headshots

An Xplosive masterclass in holding your opponent's home ring

BONUS: Rezik knows how to bait - and land headshots


oO IEddie Oo says no to being dominated with a QUINT

Intense Fragzee lives up to their name in SPADES

SkippaDaFlippa.. how did you WIN that? Incredible.

Vote in the poll to decide who played it better here!

Congratulations to all selected. We'll be sending you some Esports Supporter Packs in the near future.

In our next Museum of Community Glory, we want your favorite Blitz moments from this weekend! This one isn't all about skill, but about showing your most entertaining moments from the special event. Tweet @GearsofWar with #WhatsUpGears or post in our official submission thread including a link to your best clips from the event for a chance to be featured!

That’s it from us this week. The next few months are going to be packed full of events to take part in, and we’ll give you a look at the road ahead next week alongside a celebration of our Easter Egg Hunters (3 found in a week!). See you then.

TC, out.