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So without further ado, here's What's Up this week!

  • Escalation Week begins this Friday, January 26th with 2XP and Core Escalation
  • New Midnight Omen Horde Event also begins this Friday
  • General RAAM and 30 other cards are now in Series 3!
  • Issue #1 of the new Gears comic 'Rise of RAAM' is out now!
  • Don’t miss the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open running Friday, January 26th – Sunday, January 28th

The Latest In Gears of War 4

Live Now

Today is your last day to enjoy the Classic One Shot One Kill with no melee! We hope you had fun with this long requested variant. Elbows officially… disarmed.

To celebrate the release of the comic series ‘The Rise of RAAM’, General RAAM is part of this month's Series 3 drop! Beginning today, you can craft RAAM and 30 other new Cards using Scrap. You’ll also have a chance to find Series 3 Cards in any Gear Packs.

Coming Soon

Beginning Friday, January 26th, a cavalcade of Gears goodness is on the way.

Escalation Week
Join in on the Escalation action being showcased at the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open this weekend with Double XP in Escalation Week!

New to Escalation? We’re turning on a shorter, 5 round version of Escalation with Core tuning for one week only. Learn the mode with Core tuning, then take your learnings to Competitive Escalation when you’re up for the challenge.

Midnight Omen Horde Event
Horde fans – you’ll also have plenty to play for this weekend. Horde Frenzy makes its return along with our first ‘Boss Loot’ Midnight Omen event!

Every time you complete 25 waves of Horde Frenzy (no registration required), you’ll get one of three Midnight Omen Skins as a Bonus Card Drop – the EMBAR, Dropshot or Overkill. Collect them all until February 2nd!

Heavy Scion Pack
Finally, the armored beast that is the Heavy Scion will make a re-appearance for one week only in its 400 Credit Pack beginning tomorrow.

The Rise of RAAM Issue 1

The Rise of RAAM Issue #1 is on store shelves right NOW (and available on digital ones too!). Years before he became the bane of humanity on Emergence Day, RAAM rose through the ranks to take leadership of the Locust Horde armies thanks to his intelligence, strength, and ruthlessness. Now, witness that swift and brutal ascent in The Rise of RAAM!

There's a whole host of Cover Variants available (some shown above). You can pick up your copy in our Gears store, digitally on your favorite marketplace or at your nearest comic book shop.

Gears Pro Circuit Event

The second major event of the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2 arrives in Mexico City this weekend! A $200,000 prize pool and bragging rights are on the line – will OpTic Gaming hold strong or will a new team emerge to claim the crown? When it comes to LAN, anything can happen.

You can watch best Gears players in the world battling it out beginning Friday at 4pm CST at live.gearsofwar.com. Don’t forget, you can claim animated Mexico City Season 2 weapon skins throughout the weekend’s action. Find out more at gears.gg

Museum of Community Glory

The Museum of Community Glory features the best from you! Every Museum of Community Glory will highlight the amazing content coming from our fans from artwork to videos to streamers and beyond. Anyone who is featured will also be get some amazing digital swag to use in Gears 4!

This week, we’re kicking off with some of the best Classic OSOK clips we’ve seen this week. Lobotomized!

Navaai lands some impressive popshot headshots with the Longshot!

*EDIT* Embed is broken, we're working on a fix!

Spoton101 makes an 8 man OSOK spree look like a cakewalk

Landan2006 plays for Headshots or Nuthin' (NSFW Language)

In our next Museum of Community Glory, the spotlight is on Escalation! Tweet @GearsofWar with #WhatsUp or post in our official submission thread including a link to your best clips from Escalation for a chance to be featured!

We’ll stack them up against the best clips from Mexico City in a Pro Plays vs Community Plays showdown. Bring your best – because the Pros certainly will.

To The Top

Being in Diamond proves your place among the best players in Gears. In Season 3, Diamond is split into 5 Tiers that provide a better reflection of your skill level in this prestigious tier.

Diamond 5 contains only the best of the best, and less than 100 people have made it so far. But who made it first you ask? Well, allow us to introduce the first Diamond Master players in the world for each Ranked Playlist in Gears of War 4!


Ranked Escalation: MLG Snipe Jesus

Ranked Execution: E Tricks


Ranked TDM: l Soler A

Ranked KOTH: v Zinhalu GT

Ranked Guardian: MLG Yengar

Ranked Dodgeball: Yet to be claimed!

We'll be sending some Gears eSports goodies their way as a congratulations for being first to the finish line! For those interested, here's a couple of other stats that show off the number of players who have reached the tip-top of the pile for Ranks and Levels:

  • Number of Players across all Ranked Playlists who have reached Diamond Master so far: 88
  • Number of players who have reached Wings 5, Level 100: 44

Diamond Master will continue to grow as more players prove their worth as consistent winners among the world's best. Keep an eye on your GearsofWar.com Stats to track your Diamond Tier progress in more detail.

Moving Out

On top of the What's Up weekly posts, you can also join us at Mixer.com/GearsofWar every Friday at 3pm PT for our community stream! Hang out, get some questions answered and watch two members of The Coalition chastise each other on their Gears abilities.

When we say EVERY Friday, there will be exceptions... like this weekend. This Friday is all about the kick off of the Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open!

That’s all for this week. Let us know what YOU want to see covered in What’s Up by tweeting @GearsofWar with your What’s Up feedback! What's Up returns every Thursday at 11am PT - and don't miss next week when we'll be revealing a new special event arriving on February 2nd. Ooh the teasing!

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