Gears of War 4 - September Matchmaking Improvements

Hello Gears fans!

Today, we have some exciting news about Ranked Season 2 and some significant matchmaking improvements coming in the months ahead. 

We’ve been listening to your feedback across a variety of areas involving matchmaking, and we’re taking the opportunity of a Season transition to implement these changes before we begin the next Season.

Goodbye To Regions...

Next month, regional matchmaking will be removed from Gears of War 4 – eliminating the need to select a region from the Options menu.

Previously players would only be able to match with other players in the same region. Removing regional matchmaking means players will have more people to match with, resulting in higher quality matches.

...Hello to Improved Match Quality and – Yes – In-Game Ping!

We’re excited to announce significant matchmaking updates along with the hotly demanded in-game ping display for all users arriving next month!

In September, when players start matchmaking they will first look for a match on their best data center. If a match is not available, additional data centers will be added over time (based on latency, not region) until a match is found. The end result should mean higher quality matches with the lowest possible latency.

In addition, we’re adding ping to the in-game scoreboard for all players so you can get a better picture of the online environment you are currently playing in.

Improvements to Skill Based Matchmaking

We’re continuing to make improvements to our Skill Based matchmaking in order to provide the best competitive matchups possible when playing Ranked.

Beginning with the launch of Ranked Season 2, we are delivering the following improvements:

·         Stricter skill matching that prioritizes tiers around you – and allows more time to search for those matches

·         More accurate Tier Placements for each playlist

When will we get these changes in game?
The transition from Regional to Quality of Service (QoS) based matchmaking will take place with our September Update. Following the release of QoS matchmaking, we will implement the skill-based matchmaking improvements with the launch of Ranked Season 2.

When is Ranked Season 2 taking place?
Ranked Season 2 is now targeted to take place beginning mid-September, barring any delays to implement these matchmaking improvements. We want to make sure these improvements are in place to provide the fairest playing field possible going into next Season. Stay tuned for a specific date announcement in September.

Will you be combining Xbox One and Windows 10 Ranks at any point?
Yes! We are planning to have one uniformed ranking system rather than on a per-platform basis moving into Season 2. We’ll announce more details of this transition closer to the time.

What about the Placement rewards?
Rewards are based on your highest Rank during the Season, rather than your final placement. For example, if you get to Diamond and then have a run of losses that brings you down to Onyx, don’t worry - you’ve secured your Diamond Reward for that playlist.

Due to the delay from our previously targeted late July / early August start for Season 2, we have DOUBLED the weapon skins that will be granted for your placement in each playlist. Here’s the updated list below:

The full Diamond Weapon Skin set. Also available based on placement: Onyx and Gold!


Team Deathmatch: Lancer, Snub

King Of The Hill: Overkill, Hammerburst

Dodgeball: Dropshot, Retro Lancer

Guardian: Boltok, Enforcer

Arms Race: Markza Mk. 1, EMBAR

Warzone: Boomshot, Torque Bow


Escalation: Gnasher, Snub

Execution: Longshot, Boltok

Season 1 Rewards will be granted to your account within 2 weeks of the end of Season 1. Season 0 Rewards will also roll out sometime around the Season 2 transition.

We are excited to deliver these improvements to our players as we approach the first anniversary of Gears of War 4’s release (time flies!). Stay tuned for more news on these matchmaking improvements and Ranked Season 2 when we have them.

TC - out.