Gears of War 4 - July Versus Event

There's plenty to play for this weekend with Raven Down 24/7 Gnashers Only, the return of FOUR Locust Gear Packs to the Gears of War Store and a free Community Designed Gnasher to add to your collection!

Raven Down 24/7

All Raven Down, All The Time!

Get up close and personal in this special Raven Down only variant of Gnashers Only with 50% Bonus XP. Battle for survival in Team Deathmatch or prepare for objective carnage in King of the Hill using Competitive 2.0 settings. Raven Down 24/7 will be available for a limited time only.


Missing some Locust characters from your collection? This week we're bringing back FOUR different Locust Packs by popular demand to help you complete your Locust Horde collection. Here's a rundown of the Packs on offer:

RAAM's Emergence

The RAAM Emergence Pack contains the infamous General RAAM in all his imposing glory to add to your collection. This Pack also contains Kantus and Savage Kantus, RAAM Weapon Skins, Corpser Weapon Skins and more to collect! Each Pack also contains a small chance to find Bernie Mataki.

Palace Guard Pack

The Queen's most elite Therons, the Palace Guard, have arrived to take their revenge on the Groundwalkers! Originally appearing in Gears of War 2’s campaign, we know fans have been dying to take to the battlefield as the Palace Guard for themselves – and now’s your chance! Adorned in ornate gold armor, these imposing Therons stand out from the crowd. 

Savage Locust Pack

Get Savage on the COG with the new Savage Locust Gear Pack! The Savage Locust Gear Pack contains the the Savage Grenadier, Drone and Grenadier Elite, which stand out with their primal look from life after the flooding of the Hollow. 

Locust Drones

The Locust Drones Gear Pack contains two classic Locust Characters to collect - the standard Locust Drone and the fearsome Locust Grenadier! This Gear Pack also includes 2 Weapon Skin sets themed to iconic enemies - Boomer and Juvie. Look out for the unsettling blinking eye on the Juvie Weapon Skin set!

Mega Packs are available for Palace Guard, RAAM's Emergence and Savage Drone Packs. A standard multi-Gear Pack bundle is available for Locust Drones. Find these Packs in store until Monday!

Community Gnasher giveaway


Login between July 28th and July 30th to claim II JessLL II's Toasty Gnasher! This is the third winning design from our Community Weapon Skin contest, inspired by the WHO WANTS TOAST?! Easter Egg from the Gears of War 2 campaign - and perfect for a long Gnasher filled weekend with Raven Down 24/7.

That's it from us. Have a great weekend Gears fans!