Gears of War 4 - September 8th Update

Happy Friday Gears fans!

We've got lots of info and updates to share today, so let's jump right to it.


Unprecedented devastation from multiple hurricanes and the recent earthquake is wreaking havoc on countless people and their communities.

Since 2006, Gears fans have embodied the spirit of 'Never Fight Alone', banding together to help out causes and charities from around the world more times than we can count. We invite all you to come together once more and join us in helping those impacted by this devastation through these difficult times.

Head to our official Disaster Relief Gear Pack page for information on how to help.


The Locust Sniper has arrived in Gears of War 4! Collect the Locust Sniper and Locust Drone weapon skin set in this 400 Credit Community Gear Pack, available until Friday September 15th.

In addition, our Craftable Characters this month are the UIR Elite Soldiers, back from their first appearence in December of last year. You'll have a chance to find them early in our September Gear Packs, or you can spend your scrap at the end of the month to add them to your collection when they become available.

We'll be bringing more Feature and Community Gear Pack content from year one into the game as Craftable Characters in the near future. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months.


We're excited to announce that our QoS and improved Skill Based Matchmaking arrive on Wednesday 13th September! Not only that, but we're also transitioning to Ranked Season 2! Yes that's right, your battle for the best possible rank in Season 1 comes to a close on Wednesday 13th September.

Once the transition is complete, you'll have to restart your placement matches to determine your Rank. If you've been actively participating in Season 1, we'll be taking your previous placement into account when determining your Tier in these placement matches.

We're aiming to have Season 1 rewards distributed soon after based on your highest placement in the Season (not your end placement).

Season 0 rewards

Season 0 rewards rolled out earlier this week (better late than never, we hope!) as we prep for our transition to Ranked Season 2. We have a couple of updates on this based on some stuff that went down with the rollout:

  • Our intention was for Season 0 to always be your final placement, not 'high-watermark' like Season 1. However, we understand our post announcing the rewards is open to interpretation (read: we messed up) so we're looking into potential solutions. Thanks for your patience.

  • There was an issue with the Onyx Emblem for Season 0 which we're working on getting fixed. We've sent out Onyx Snub pistols as an apology for the delay to any Onyx or Diamond Season 1 players. We'll need to wait for the next Update to drop to get you your Onyx Emblem, but it will still be headed your way.
  • We've now doubled the First Win Of The Day Credit Bonus from 100 Credits to 200. We'll look to bring back higher FWOTD bonuses as limited time events in the future.
  • Horde Frenzy and Feral Horde are available in Private on all maps and all difficulties! Head to Horde Private Match, settings, Enemy Lists and pick your challenge of choice!
  • Competitive 2.2 is now Competitive 2.3! Head to our official post for all the info.

That's it from us. Have a great weekend on Gears - we'll see you next week as we prepare for Ranked Season 2!