Gears Pro Circuit Season 2 October Update


Effective October 5, all Gears Pro Points will be reduced by 95%. This will affect all players across all regions. Like the previous decay, the purpose of this Point Decay is to encourage competition and offer relatively newer and up-and-coming teams a chance to qualify for Pool Play and/or travel coverage. Most importantly, we were hearing from players and orgs that the 2Ks didn’t have enough meaning due to the large amount of pro points the top teams have accumulated. This point decay will not change the existing rankings but it will require teams to fight to maintain their overall position while also giving lower ranked teams the opportunity to surpass teams holding travel and Pool Play spots.

As a reminder, the top 8 placing rosters from a Gears Pro Circuit event automatically qualify into Pool Play for the following Gears Pro Circuit event, provided these teams keep at least 4 out of 5 players on their roster. If the Roster does not keep 4 of their 5 players, the Pool Play spot will be forfeited and the final Pool Play teams will be qualified via Pro Points in a Region, at the Administration's discretion. All Rosters must be submitted by the Pool Play Roster Lock deadline posted for each event. Please keep in mind these teams do not automatically qualify for travel coverage as well.



The Gears Pro Circuit will be adding 2 new maps to the competitive rotation in time for the upcoming Charity Invitational and remaining Gears Pro Circuit events. The playtest will take place on October 7, in each region. The maps in the playtest include Slab, Dawn, Old Town, Diner and Lift Apex. Feedback surveys for this playtest will be sent out to everyone who signed up following the event, with the Supporter Pack rewards going to everyone who fills out the survey.

october 17th update

As a result of this playtest, the following changes are being made to the Gears Pro Circuit map rotation effective immediately:

In: OldTown, Slab, Diner

The new Gears Pro Circuit map rotation is: Dam, Diner, Forge Blitz, Foundation, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Old Town, Slab

With two more maps being added the rotation, the map pick/ban process has been updated as well. The new process is:

The Higher Seeded Team will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the Map Ban process.

The Map selection process is now as follows:
Team A bans 1 Map
Team B bans 1 Map
Team B picks Map 1
Team A picks Faction for Map 1
Team A picks Map 2
Team B picks Faction for Map 2
Team B bans 1 Map
Team A bans 1 Map
Team B bans 1 Map
Team A bans 1 Map
Remaining Map becomes Map 3
Team B picks Faction for Map 3

*For Online: Team that picks faction will Host match.



The Gears Pro Circuit Charity Invitational will take place November 17-18th at MLG Studios in Columbus, Ohio. The event will feature a $200,000 prize pool, which will be split 50/50 between the teams and the charities of their choice (as approved and vetted by Microsoft). The event will feature a total of 12 teams, 8 of which who will be invited directly, and 4 being determined through a Last Chance Qualifier held in each region. The final LCQ spots will be: 2 North American teams, 1 Latin American team, and 1 European team. The Last Chance Qualifiers will take place online on October 27th, please keep an eye on the @EsportsGears Twitter account for more details.