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Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Ranked Season 5 is live now - includes the return of Ranked Arms Race
  • 2v2 Gnashers Only will be available as Competitive Ranked Playlist next week
  • Optic Gaming are your San Diego Open Champions!
  • A new take on Stay Frosty will arrive as part of the Gears 4 Anniversary Celebrations next week

Coming Up In Gears of War 4


Ranked Season 5 has arrived in Gears of War 4 which means it's back to placement matches to prove your worth. This Season, we've returned Arms Race to the playlist selection pool along with one other exciting newcomer - 2v2 Gnashers Only!

2v2 Gnashers Only is everything you'd expect - 24/7 Boxes, Competitive Tuning and the first ever 2-person game mode to have Ranked tracking. We can't wait to get it into your hands. Due to needing some last final tweaks to ensure everything works correctly, we'll be launching 2v2 Gnashers Only into Season 5 next week once our next Update arrives. Stay tuned for specific timing as the Update drops.

Speaking of which, we're also aware of some funky stat issues on GearsofWar.com based on how we're setting up our 2v2 Gnashers Only tracking. We've heard you and we're on it. As a reminder, here's the full lineup of Playlists and Rewards in Season 5 - including those much requested Weapon Skins:


• Team Deathmatch
• King of the Hill
• Dodgeball
• Guardian
• Arms Race

• Escalation
• Execution
• 2v2 Gnashers Only (arrives next week)



COG Diamond Female

  • Earn any Diamond Placement across any three playlists in Season 5
  • Complete the Season 5 Character Challenge (TBA late October, launching early November)


  • Complete the Season 5 Character Challenge (TBA late October, launching early November)

Placement Weapon Skins

  • Lancer
  • Boomshot
  • Torque Bow
  • Overkill
  • Enforcer

Another weekend means another returning Gear Pack - and this one is definitely a fan favorite. This week's returning Gear Pack will be...


Next week marks two whole years of Gears 4 being in your hands. TWO. Insert a corny and expected 'time flies when you're having fun' here I guess?

Our 2 Year Anniversary Celebrations will be a little smaller than last year, but we'll drop all the details in next week's What's Up. In the meantime, we'll leave you with one thing...

Stay Frosty - with a Coalition twist - will be part of the celebrations next weekend. We. Can't. Wait.

San Diego Open

What a blast this weekend was. The Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open delivered so much of what makes Gears Esports so great - amazing plays, surprise exits, underdogs making their mark and lots of drama.

Optic Gaming secured another Championship for their cabinet with an unbeaten run at the San Diego Open this weekend. Their Finals rivals Ghost Gaming were arguably the biggest threat to the Optic squad all weekend based on their mighty performance against many teams, a roaring return to form after a lower-than-expected finish in New Orleans.

Ultimately, Optic Gaming had the upper hand significantly going into the final after beating Ghost Gaming earlier in the tournament - with Ghost Gaming needing to win two best-of-three series to take home the trophy. Optic Gaming shut down the hopes of a second Season 2 Championship for Ghost with a 2-0 victory to crown themselves San Diego Champions.


Nimbus continues to be an exciting emerging up-and-comer story in the Esports scene. Born in the fire of Gamebattles, the Nimbus Squad is comprised of 5 players who, until recently, were relatively unknown in the scene. That changed quickly with a strong 12th place at their first major LAN event in NOLA - a huge achievement in an of itself.

In San Diego though, Nimbus really stepped it up, finishing in a hugely respectable 6th place after putting up a strong fight against experienced vets Echo Fox. 

Our Favorite plays

Look for a full recap of the Gears San Diego Open in the coming days on Gears.GG

Museum of Community Glory

Greetings Gears, Vectes here, back with another edition of our Gears Creator Spotlight.

Even though Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open is behind us now, it is difficult to let such an awesome event go. That’s why we thought we would highlight this week the Coach and Assistant General Manager of OpTic Gaming, Nick aka Ashes, whom we believe needs no further introduction after his team won back to back Gears New Orleans and San Diego Opens.

We had the chance to talk to and play with Ashes during our Gears 4 Developer Stream last week. If you have missed it, be sure to give it a watch to learn more about what it means and what it takes to be the coach of one of the best Esports teams out there.

On his channel, Ashes focuses on everything Gears Esports including gameplay, Vlogs, Behind the Scenes, coaching videos, and more! If you want to learn more about OpTic Gaming and its players, this is a great place to check out.

Without further ado, here are our recommended videos:

Wall Bouncing Bootcamp for Beginners & Experts

Aim Bootcamp & Sensitivity Tips

The Gears Cast | Ep 1

You will find some other great videos on his YouTube and Twitch channels, subscribe and give him a like! You can also keep in touch with him on Twitter.

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