Gears of War 4 - Re-Up Credit Gain Change

Hello Gears fans!

Since we released Re-Ups 11-15, known as Wings, we've been working on a new model for Credit Bonuses for those extended Re-Ups to provide a normalized Credit Earn rate.

For those of you who don't know, we introduced the Wings Re-Ups to be a showcase of hardcore dedication to Gears of War 4. Wings Re-Ups take significantly more XP to max than Re-Ups 1 - 10. To compensate for this, we increased the rate at which Credit Bonuses are given back in March to once every level once you reach these new Re-Ups.

While the Credit Rewards for the Wing Re-Ups scaled at the same rate as previous Re-Ups, we've determined - with community feedback - that as you move through the Wings Re-Ups, the Credit to XP ratio dropped too low comparative to Re-Up 10.

Today, we've released a server side update to balance out the Credit Bonus to XP earn rate. All Wings Re-Ups have been rebalanced to have a similar XP:Credit ratio to the Re-Up 10 curve - meaning the value of Credit Bonuses at each level is based on the XP required, creating a more consistent Credit Earn rate for all Wings Re-Ups.

Due to the nature of the system, we are unfortunately unable to retroactively provide any Credit Bonuses for previous Wings levels earned. We hope that this will provide a better experience for new and existing entrants to the Wings club moving forward.

Thank you for your feedback. As always, we'll be watching and listening.