Online Tournament Weekly Standings


Challenger Point standings will be coming to the online platform soon. Until then, please find standings for every region here.

Standings will be updated following each week’s online tournament.


Winter Quarter Pro League Teams:
NA Alpha:

NRG - SuMuNs, Xplosive, Praized, Solurs, and MentaL with coach Ashes

Reciprocity - Franchis, Powerz, Icy, Rushiez, and Kenny with coach FatalStryke

Rise Nation - Avexys, Drix, Detox, Shock, and Rezik with coach Keem

Goated - HbM Perfections, Reptilian, SiahZ, ToxicTactix, and Birdy with coach Limits VZ

NA Bravo:

Mazer - Xclusive, Lava, Mortifys, Hesi, and Sneak with coach Vora

Oxygen Supremacy - Xysho, Lanarchy, Gearries, Abo, and Lurpzy with coach Ruthless

Patience - ToySxldier, Jerppy, Zerpting, Zack, and Toti

Hive - TJForce, Jefe, Tidy, Noey, Demise with coach Crazy Train


EU's Finest - Crimsons, Jack, Krazed, Hydrone, and Phelpzy with coach Rubikz

Rated R - Dragonz, Leunardsk, Toast, Sergio, and Dovjira with coach Anddy

Obey Alliance - KBreaker, Demonix, Sarksta, bTeeJay, and Warriorgun with coach TurkW

Regal Reserve - PhysicX, IXorkos, redaAGAIN, Strikkerz, and IKUGARS

Latin america:

Ghost Gaming - Monkyz, Sleeafer, Chaoz, Identivez, and Dezo with coach Demize

Estral Esports - Crack, Fearzly, Reflame, Kardia, and Padilla with coach Invo

FireNIce - Autens, Ackulra, Choche, Cristalize, and B6ood with coach Punki

Unstoppables - Neero, Shockwave, Ggary, Toxiq, and Aderesho