Phantom Weapon Skins V2


Earlier this month, we announced the new Phantom Weapon Skin Collection for fans who get involved in the world of eSports. Over the last few weeks, we realized the design wasn't quite where we wanted it to be - while the skins were partly transparent, they didn't feel truly 'Phantom' enough to live up to their name.

Beginning in the April Update, the Phantom Weapon Skins are getting an overhaul! This new look for Phantom - shown above - has more clearly defined lines on the weapon while adding increased transparency across the rest of the gun to better match the fan-favorite weapon skins from previous Gears games. In addition, we've also removed the 'scan-like' animation which was making the weapons feel more opaque than desired.

Smoke Bug Fix: In addition, the Phantom Weapon Skin will be patched so it is no longer be visible through smoke grenades in the April Update.

Want to earn the remaining Phantom Weapon Skins this month? Head on over to this page for all the info!

Note: The existing Phantom Weapon Skins will be updated with this design in the April Update - this is not a new Weapon Skin collection. You will not need to re-earn any earned Phantom Weapon Skins to receive this updated design.