Community Spotlight: The Razored Edge

Welcome to the Gears of War Community Spotlight, our bi-weekly blog that dives into how some of the Gears community's most talented creators, fans and contributors craft their amazing work! This week we're talking to TheRazoredEdge, a dedicated Gears YouTuber from Ireland with 9 years experience in the Gears community, to get his tips on building a successful Gears of War YouTube channel.


Name: Peter Byrne
Gamertag: TheRazoredEdge 
Age: 23
Occupation: Video content creator on YouTube / Student
Started playing Gears: 2007

Favorite Gears Game: Gears of War 1 (It's technically UE now :P)
Favorite character: Damon Baird
Favorite campaign: Gears of War 2
Favorite MP Map: War Machine
Favorite MP game mode: Guardian


TC: Hi there Pete! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Gears of War background!
Pete: Hello there everyone! My name is Peter, but pretty much everyone calls me Pete and I go by "TheRazoredEdge" as my alias online. I've been playing Gears of War since early 2007 when it was introduced to me by a classmate of mine at the time, who said it was the best game he had ever played. I've been playing Gears ever since.

I've always been involved in the Gears of War community. I was either making content or helping someone else make their content. I've been part of multiple YouTube organizations that focus on Gears of War such as 'Team Control' and 'KaoticHq'. I used to run a popular Gears community channel named 'cinemaF5VE', which is a huge part of the reason I now own 'Gears Clip of the Day'. So much has happened over the years, it's difficult to summarize it. As I'm writing this it's hard to believe all this time has passed, and I can easily say I'm enjoying it now more than ever!

TC: Describe the typical process that goes into creating a typical RazoredEdge video.
Pete: It entirely depends on what kind of video it is, but each one takes time. For a live gameplay, I have to capture the footage whilst recording voice audio and then edit it all together. If it's a montage/compilation, I have to record for weeks to get the clips needed and have an idea of the mood I want the video to give off to the viewer.

My more creative videos begin with an idea that might sit there for weeks until I think of the proper way to execute it. Different kinds of videos take different amounts of time. They key is not to rush them.

TC: What techniques or skills did you use to improve and professionalize the quality of your work?
Pete: First off, thank you for thinking of my content as professional, haha.  Second, I just make sure that my tools and equipment are as up-to-date as possible. You could have the best idea ever for a video, but if your audio doesn't sound good or your picture quality isn't that great, people probably won't watch. I don't have the fanciest setup by any means, but I make sure my equipment the best it can be and that's all anyone can ask for.

TC: How can Gears YouTubers best use the platform to get their content out and build their audience?
Pete: The key to growing and building an audience on YouTube is consistency. My channel grew at a very slow pace initially because I wasn't at all consistent, and only posted videos maybe two or three times a week. Only in the past few years I've learned that what a viewer wants most from you, is to see a quality video in their subscription box as often as possible. Collaborations with other YouTubers and mixing up your content is also very important.

If I were to criticize the Gears of War YouTube community on one thing, it would be the lack of networking and communication. A lot of people don't use social media which is such an important tool nowadays. Make a Twitter account!

TC: How do you build a series like Gears Clip of the Day?
'Gears Clip of the Day' is a daily clip channel where I post a community member's Gears of War clip every single day. The clip can be from any Gears of War game, so there is still a great variety on the channel. The way I obtain all of this content is through a submissions email, which is I sort through each submission to find the best quality clips and upload them for the entire community to see.

By the way, if you manage to get featured on GCOTD, it also counts as a submission to the Top 20 Gears of War Clips of the Year, which is a big project in the Gears of War YouTube community and a great opportunity for new/smaller channels!

TC: What was it about Gears of War that inspired you to become a Gears focused YouTuber?
There's something about Gears of War that is just... special, I can't find another way to put it. On top of just being in love with everything about the game, I think the community is why I stayed with Gears as the focus of my content. People genuinely love this game and I do too, so much that it's a lifestyle. There's no other community out there as passionate about their game than the Gears of War community and I truly mean it. I feel honored to be part of it.

TC: Could you share any tips for content creators who would like to start their own Gears channel?
To the aspiring Gears content creators out there, I recommend you stay solo, at least to start off with. I feel that the YouTube scene for Gears has become overcrowded with teams/organizations so much to the point that it's hard to name individuals. Try and establish your channel/name and then maybe join a team if you feel like that's the best step for you. The important thing is to find a way that you can have fun, be consistent and grow to the best of your potential all at the same time. Best of luck!

TC: Thanks Pete (TheRazoredEdge) for your great advice! Are you a Gears YouTube content creator? Be sure to tweet your favorite video to @OctusTC on Twitter! See you online Gears fans.