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Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Gilded RAAM Challenge Character revealed!
  • First Gilded RAAM Challenge details, full details next Tuesday
  • Luck of the Draw is back this Friday 
  • Headshots Only OSOK extended through till Monday

Coming Up in Gears of War 4



Our next Challenge Character variant has been revealed to be none other than the gold-trimmed beast that is Gilded RAAM!

Gilded RAAM will only be earnable through a special trio of Challenges that will begin next Wednesday, March 13th. While we’re not QUITE ready to reveal the details just yet, these Challenges will incorporate a path to earn Gilded RAAM through Horde, Versus or a combination of the two for the first time.

Stay tuned for all the information on our next Challenges dropping next Tuesday, March 12th.

luck of the draw

St Patrick’s Day is coming up fast which means its time for another fix of Luck of the Draw and the return of the Lucky Weapon Skin set!

In case you’ve never played Luck of the Draw, this Arm’s Race variant switches up the weapon order every single match (shared across both teams). You’ll also have to master some new weapons that don’t usually appear in Arms Race, including the Golden Gun and full Heavy Weapons lineup.

If you missed the Lucky Weapon Skins last year, this year all 14 can be earned by completing one simple Challenge!

Luck? It’s Called Skill!
Challenge: Win 15 Matches in Luck of the Draw
Reward: Lucky Weapon Skins – Complete Set

Luck of the Draw is available from Friday 8th March until Thursday 21st March.


This week’s Featured Ranked Playlist is none other than King of the Hill! Enjoy 4XP all weekend in KOTH until Guardian takes the stage beginning next Monday.


In case you missed it, we’ve extended Classic OSOK through till Monday in order to test a Headshots Only settings variant, which is live now in Gears of War 4.

We want your feedback to help decide the future of OSOK, so drop your feedback on these new settings in our official forums or send a tweet to @CoalitionGears to make your voice heard!


As we mentioned last week, we’re on a little hiatus from returning Gear Packs while we prepare a big Series 3 drop. And when we say big, we mean big. Stay tuned for more news on our next Series 3 drop next week.

March Madness

32 incredible Gears characters, one epic showdown. We're doing March Madness Gears style!

Over March, we'll be putting characters from across the Gearsiverse face off in a fan-voted showdown. It'll be down to you to rally behind your favorite and see if you can get them to the final.

We'll be running seperate votes across the Gears Facebook and Twitter accounts for the initial rounds, given how many matchups we need to post, so keep an eye on both to catch your opportunity to back your preferred characters along the way! You can also download the 4K Bracket above and send your brackets predictions to @GearsofWar on Twitter.

Museum of Community Glory

Greetings Gears, Vectes here, back with our Gears Creator Spotlight.

Introducing Jose Mavo, AKA FraNChlS, professional player for @TeamReciprocity.

FraNChlS has been competitively competing in Gears of War for 12 years now – a professional player since the first of the series, he started in the online tournaments held by MLG followed by the inaugural LAN event at the Meadowlands.

His favorite Gears game is Gears of War 2. Why? Because it took a lot of strategy and preparation to be great at that game. Each team felt different, so catching on to tendencies was a huge difference maker.

Favorite character? Marcus. The battle-tested veteran is something he can relate to.

Favorite weapon? The Longshot. He loves being able to use crazy angles to get that surprising headshot. For him, it's the most satisfying feeling in Gears.

Favorite MP Mode? Wingman. Playing with a partner and picking apart other duos is always fun. “You need to be quick when entering fights since you are most likely to be flanked by a third party.”

His advice to players who aspire to become Pro is simple: “Work hard and never give up. Find players or teammates who want to win as bad as you and work hard for it. Treat the process of becoming a pro gamer as you would in any other sport. Work on your craft, seek advice and never stop learning.”

For players who would like to become better at Versus, he recommends watching tutorials and Twitch streams as much as possible. “You will learn tricks, shots, and angles you probably didn’t know.”

What about streaming? FraNChlS always wanted to show off his gameplay, so he eventually bought a capture card and started streaming. “The thing I enjoy the most has to be the true fans I have gained through streaming. These are people who genuinely wish the best for me in all aspects. They make streaming worth it.”

One final word of advice to players who aspire to become streamers? “Be yourself, find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Also, everyone does not have to enjoy your stream or like your personality. You just need to move forward and ignore those people.”

FraN + Icy vs Sleepy + Rushiez Mid Boxes

Denial Scrims + 2K Highlights #1

Check out some other great videos on his Twitch and YouTube channels, give him a like and a follow! You can also keep in touch with him on Twitter. His Gamertag is FraNChiS.

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