Gears of War 4 - Competitive 2.5 Beta

phase two: Lancer and Secondaries

*COMPETITIVE 2.5 UPDATE: Coming 10/6 at 10am PDT*

Competitive 2.5 takes our latest round of feedback and adds a small increase to the melee and gib range on the Gnasher. With the Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit in full swing, we will be implementing these settings as the new tuning standard for all Competitive playlists and Competitive Private.

This does not mark the end of our Competitive Beta iteration, rather just a major milestone where we feel comfortable bringing Competitive as a whole forward - rather than relegating these latest settings to a singular playlist and Private Match. Additionally, Competitive 2.2 settings will still be available for selection in Private Match for comparative feedback purposes. 

The 2.5 settings are listed in full below:

Lancer Damage Increased by 2% 
Lancer Close-Range Damage Falloff Removed (was 5% reduction) 
2.0 Damage over distance curve 
Gnasher Gib Range: 256 (was 265, then 240) 
Gnasher Melee Range: 256 (was 265, then 240) 
No wallbounce cooldown 
'Short Mode' slip distance reduction: 75% 
Cover slip speed reduced by 9% 
Health Regen Time: 5s (was 4s) 

Original Post

Using a combination of our 2.2 Movement and 2.3 Movement changes with our current Gnasher setup, we believe we've landed in a place where our movement promotes good tactical decision making and smart wallbouncing usage to come out on top. 
We're now looking towards the future of the playlist with the introduction of Phase Two: Lancer and Secondaries. In this pass, we've introduced two small changes to the Lancer that compliment our current approach to movement and damage. 2% damage increase equates to around one less active bullet to down an opponent. Combined with the higher health regeneration time in Competitive, this reinforces the value that - even if you can't close the kill - ranged damage can make an impact for your team when used correctly. 
Additionally, we have removed the close range damage falloff (roughly melee distance) for the Lancer. This can make the difference between getting gibbed or downing an enemy with that final needed bullet, rewarding players who hold their ground for long enough with accurate Lancer fire if they have an opponent caught out in the open. 
You can try Competitive 2.4 now in Public Matchmaking this weekend! The playlist will be removed on Tuesday, at which point the settings will be added into Private Match for further testing. 
Lancer Damage Increased by 2% 
Lancer Close-Range Damage Falloff Removed (was 5% reduction) 
2.0 Damage over distance curve 
Gnasher Gib Range: 240 (was 265) 
Gnasher Melee Range: 240 (was 265) 
No wallbounce cooldown 
'Short Mode' slip distance reduction: 75% 
Cover slip speed reduced by 9% 
Health Regen Time: 5s (was 4s) 

Phase One: Gnasher and Movement

*COMPETITIVE 2.3 UPDATE: 9/8 at 10am PDT*

Competitive 2.3 is now live, introducing changes that focus on the Gnasher Gib Range and Health Regen.

Competitive 2.2 refined our new wallbouncing system to a place we feel comfortable moving forward as a deeper more tactical movement system for Competitive Play. With this new system in place, we're making a couple of significant changes to further reinforce the importance of using movement effectively and making constant quick-but-calculated risk/reward decisions.

We're pulling in the Gib and Melee Range of the Gnasher to double down on the importance of earning the Gib. With the new movement system and a shorter Gib range combined, using smart movement and the right weapon at the right time is even more important than ever before.

We're also increasing the Health Regen time to 5 seconds. As a player, this increases the risk of every point of damage you take, as it's going to keep you 'red' longer before you can run back into the fight at full health. Every time you get caught out transitioning to an area, fleeing from a fight, or even taking hits in the middle of a Gnasher battle, any damage you take is going to keep you vulnerable for longer.

The Stats

  • Gnasher Gib Range: Reduced to 240 (was 265)
  • Gnasher Melee Range: Reduced to 240 (was 265)
  • Health Regen Time: 5 seconds (was 4)

*COMPETITIVE 2.2 UPDATE: 8/25 at 10am PDT*

Competitive 2.2 is now live, further evolving the new Wallbounce system introduced in the Competitive 2.1 stage. We grabbed Ryan Cleven (Multiplayer Design Director, Gears of War) to give us the low down on what to expect from these changes:

Ryan Cleven: Competitive 2.2, the latest update to the Competitive Tuning Beta, evolves the fluidity of movement while still providing the greater tactical depth we've been targeting with this new system.

The slip speed has been slightly reduced to move towards balancing bouncing movement and strafing. We also made this change to slightly increase the time of Gnasher engagements, as it will take longer for players to close distances.

We also increased the slide distance after a cancel (what we call 'Short Mode') to reduce the number of miss-rolls and increase the areas players can bounce. We hope that this increases the feeling of bouncing while still providing an advantage for players who complete their slips and plan ahead.

The Stats

  • 'Short Mode' Slip Distance Reduction: 85% (was 75%)
  • Cover Slip Speed: Reduced by 9%

If you need a refresher on the new Wallbounce system introduced in 2.1, check out the video below for a detailed breakdown.

*COMPETITIVE 2.1 UPDATE: 8/3 at 10am PDT*

Our next stage in the Phase One of Competitive 2.0 testing is now live with a trial of a brand new Wallbouncing system. This new system focuses on a 'Long/Short' slip distance cooldown that has been designed to provide a higher skill gap to movement and enable more variety in close range play.

Watch the video below for an extensive explanation of Wallbouncing and how we evolved our philosophy into this new potential direction for Competitive Wallbouncing!

In addition, Double XP has been enabled for the initial weekend of testing! Jump in, enjoy Double XP until Tuesday, and let us know what you think of this new system by tweeting us @GearsofWar or posting in our official feedback thread.

*UPDATE: 7/21 at 5pm PDT*

We have now added a new Competitive 2.0 Settings toggle to Private Match in order to enable new ways to test Competitive 2.0 settings! Grab some friends or start some Scrims - you'll be able to test the settings throughout every Phase moving forward. Enable Competitive 2.0 Settings by going to a Private Versus Lobby, opening 'Match Options' and selecting Competitive Beta under the 'Weapon Tuning' category.

We are also testing an increase to the Wallbounce Cooldown timer from where it was at the start of Phase One - this new setting is still a reduction from Competitive 1.0 settings. Let us know your thoughts and feedback on Twitter and the Forums.

Original Post

We are excited to announce the Competitive 2.0 BETA dev playlist is now available for testing to the whole community!

We recently flew a number of Pro Players out to our studio in Vancouver, Canada to get hands on with the new Competitive settings, gathering their valuable feedback and insight to help us nail down our vision for the next evolution of Competitive.

Now it’s your turn. Beginning today, we’re opening the new Competitive 2.0 Beta playlist to trial these new changes – and all with Double XP to earn for a limited time! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Phase One: Gnasher and Movement

This test is specifically for the Competitive Tuning Set in Gears of War 4.

In order to gather the specific feedback we need, we’re breaking the test down into phases, incrementally adding more of tuning changes as the test progresses. This allows us – and you – to focus on particular changes to Competitive when playing, rather than taking in everything all at once.

Our first phase focuses on changes to the Gnasher and Player Movement. The goal of the new proposed shotgun and movement tuning developed with the Pros is to enable more diverse playstyles and create a better teamfight competitive experience. The Gnasher's damage will have a slower falloff, allowing players who place their shots well to two-shot down an enemy who might be charging towards them for those critical one-shots or escaping while weak. To compensate, the Wallbounce delay has also been changed to enable players to have more movement options at their disposal when dealing with a slightly more punishing shotgun.

Playlist Format

  • Unranked Playlist
  • Modes: Escalation
  • Maps: Dam, Diner, Foundation, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Reclaimed

We encourage teams to join up in teams of 5 but the playlist is available to all players and group sizes. 

Get out there, squad up with your friends and give us your feedback! Find this playlist now under 'Matchmaking -> Play Special Event'. Provide your feedback by tweeting us at @CoalitionGears or posting in our official forum thread.