Gears of War 4 - Rise of RAAM Out Now!

Today is an exciting day Gears fans. It's been 5 years since the release of the last Gears of War comic - and now the Extended Universe is returning in style with the launch of the Rise of RAAM!


The Rise of RAAM Issue #1 is on store shelves right NOW (and available on digital ones too!). Years before he became the bane of humanity on Emergence Day, RAAM rose through the ranks to take leadership of the Locust Horde armies thanks to his intelligence, strength, and ruthlessness. Now, witness that swift and brutal ascent in The Rise of RAAM!

There's a whole host of Cover Variants available (all shown above). You can pick up your copy via our Gears store, digitally on your favorite marketplace or use this website to find your nearest comic book shop.


To celebrate this new story of RAAM's rise through the ranks, General RAAM is part of this month's Series 3 drop! Beginning today, you can craft him using Scrap and he'll also have a chance to appear in any Gear Packs.

Joining RAAM in our latest Series 3 character drop this month are the Onyx Gold Sniper and Onyx Gold Elite Drone - the last two characters from the Onyx Gold Collection. You can also craft or find all 14 weapon skins from the Boomer and animated Juvie Weapon Skin sets!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this next entry in the universe of Gears of War. We're excited to have it out there!