Community Spotlight #1: Andrew "Parasidian" Morava

Welcome to the first edition of the Community Member Spotlight series, where The Coalition community team highlights a passionate Gears community member each week who is heavily involved in the Gears of War community.

For our first ever Community Spotlight, we sat down with Andrew “Parasidian” Morava, the current Chief Administrator of Gearspedia, and one of our newest Community Forum Moderators! Andrew is a longtime fan of Gears of War, and had quite a lot to say about his passion for the game.

At A Glance:

Name: Andrew Morava
Gamertag: Parasidian
Twitter: @Parasidian
Age: 22 years old
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: College Student and Head Life Guard, Local YMCA
Started playing Gears: 2006
Active community member since: 2009

Rapid Fire:

Favorite Gears Game: Gears of War 2
Favorite character: Padrick Salton (from the novels)
Favorite campaign: Gears of War 2, or RAAM's Shadow (tie)
Favorite MP Map: Gears 2 Jacinto
Favorite MP game mode: Gears 2 Guardian
Favorite Food: Fish and Chips
Dream Vacation Spot: Tokyo, Japan

  1. Introduce yourself to the Gears community – who are you, where are you from, and when did you start playing Gears of War?
    Hiya everyone, my name is Andrew or as most of you guys know me as Parasidian or “Sid”…or at-least I hope you know me, if not you will after this! I live in Ontario, Canada which is much warmer then everyone seems to think it is. I started playing Gears of War 1 just a few days after it was released. My buddy said he just got this awesome new game called Gears of War that I had to try so I went over to his place and played it…it blew my mind. Needless to say after that first MP match I was hooked!
  2. When did you first get involved with the online Gears community, and what got you involved?

    I first got involved with the community in 2009 thats when I signed up for the EGF. From there I helped out in various threads most notably: working with Thrashballer to help the EGF Admins create and submit new avatars to the forum. (Bit of trivia: most of the current forum avatars were actually made by me). Around 2012 I sought out Gearspedia, thats when I realized that I could actually make a difference in the community by helping out the site. After a while I was promoted to Admin, then as of last year I became the Chief Administrator of Gearspedia.

    The main reason I got involved with the community was because I wanted to talk to more people who were as interested in the series as I was, so I went to the one place I knew I would find people as passionate about the series as I was.

  3. What is about Gears of War that makes you want to give back to the community?

    Thats simple, its the community itself. Ever since I first joined the Epic Games Forums I’ve felt accepted by like-minded individuals that share the same passion for the franchise as me. Thanks to this community I’ve laughed, I’ve laughed some more and then I laughed so hard I fell over. I just want to give back to the which is why I read, then re-read all the books, comics, dialogue bits compiling all the information I can into Gearspedia so die-hard fans like myself can enjoy all the amazing information the Gears universe has to offer without having too look too hard. 

  4. Tell everyone a little bit about Gearspedia. When was it founded, by who and when did you take over?

    Gearspedia is a community that aims to create the best resource for the Gears of War series of games, and the universe they take place in. Essentially we're like a big Gears of War lore themed encyclopedia. Gearspedia was established in 2007 by Darth Oblivion, Darthraul and Dath tader - the "original three". I’ve been working on the wiki for about three years now, I started off by updating images to the site then transitioned into editing pages. I became Chief Administrator last year due to the previous Chief JacktheBlack retiring from the wiki, leaving me in charge of the site. In the book Gears of War: Kilo Squad: The Survivors Log author Rob Auten gives special thanks to Gearspedia, JacktheBlack and myself for all the work we’ve done, I though that was kind of cool.

  5. Where do you see Gearspedia in five years?

    I honestly don’t know, currently I’m just taking it month by month, year by year. I honestly would love for the site to be completely complete one day with every bit of Gears lore information there is, so any and all Gears fans who are invested in the Gears universe could go to the site and find all that they would like to know and more! It's a slow process…but we'll get there one day hopefully.

  6. Is there anyone else that helps to make Gearspedia what it is?

    Currently it's mostly just me, but hopefully more people will lend a hand and help out in the future. But man in the past you should have seen the place, so much work was done back then. Two gentlemen in particular; JacktheBlack and The Forgotten Jedi; those guys did so much work on the wiki for so many years. I'm proud to have known them, before they started the wiki was full of vandalism and worthless nonsense, they saved the site.

  7. What is your favorite Gears of War game (thus far, of course), and why?

    I think I would have to say Gears of War 2. The scale of the story was just so much bigger then Gears 1’s and they went way more in-depth with the lore. Along with the introduction of Horde mode I think I played Gears 2 the most out of every Gears game, most in part thanks to the amazing friends I played with. Also (funny enough), I waited nine hours in line for the midnight release of the game. 

  8. What is your favorite non-Gears game of all time?

    Gears…oh wait, non-Gears, gotcha. Well that's a bit tricky. I would say that my favourite game outside of the Gears series would be this obscure game for the GameCube called Gotcha Force. Its a fighting/third-person shooter where you fight small alien robots in parks, backyards, parking lots…etc.

  9. What does being selected as a Gears of War Forum Moderator mean to you?

    Honestly I’m still a little shocked; it is a great honour and privilege to be chosen as a Gears of War Forum Moderator. I guess it means to me that I’ve been doing something right all these years for The Coalition Community team to trust me with this responsibility. Well, whatever it is that I'm doing I'll be sure to keep on doing it in the future. I truly am very grateful and hope to make everyone proud!

  10. What do you think your moderator style will be like?

    I shall be fair…but firmly cruel. Ha! No but really I will mostly likely act the same way as i always do discussing topics with people, joking around and having fun. I think a few differences would be that ill be able to “clean up” threads when they get a bit too out of hand, give people warnings if they deserve them and just make sure that all conversations stay civil. 

  11. Any final words, shout outs, or comments?

    I don’t know what it is about Gears as a series, but its has a power. A power to bring people together. This may sound a bit corny but I think of the Forums as sort of an old style bar; people come in to have a good time, to tell stories and to discuss topics. Yeah a bar fight might break out every now and then but afterwards everyones singing and drinking like nothing happened. I genuinely feel like the Gears of War community is like my extended family, there are people I’ve met within the community that I feel have my back no matter what. Oh yeah, I have a twitter account so if you want to hear more stuff from me for want to tell me something message me on here.

    See You Gearheads...

    I'd also like to give shout out’s to: 

    JacktheBlack and The Forgotten Jedi for all the work they put into the wiki. 

    Joshua Ortega, Rob Auten, Karen Traviss, and all the other amazing writers who have crafted this amazing universe we all love. 

    Thanks to my friend Meghan for the awesome photo she took of me! Lastly, thanks to my brother Mark and my best friend Richie for always having my back.