Gears of War 4's First Birthday!

We remember this time a year ago vividly. On little sleep but fueled by excitement and enough coffee to sink a boat, we watched Gears of War 4 Early Access slowly roll out around the world. People were finally playing OUR game in the comfort of their own homes - something that, only a year before that, had felt so far away. It was a proud, surreal and highly-anticipated moment for everyone in the studio to see the next chapter of Gears of War, built by us here at The Coalition, now out in the hands of Gears fans.

Since then, we've continued to support Gears of War 4 with extensive updates, new features, quality of life improvements and fine tuning. We've listened, we've learned and we've worked hard to build on the foundation we established back in October 2016. Why? Because of you - our fans.

While we sometimes wince reading your comments or responses, we know it all stems from a passion. A passion for a game you love to play. A passion for us to have the best game possible. A passion for Gears. To have that passion for a game that hundreds of people poured so much love and hard work into means the world to us. We are all Brothers To The End.

To celebrate a year of Gears of War 4 and our amazing community, we're kicking off the celebrations today in advance of our 'true' first birthday on October 11th. Here's how we're kicking off our Birthday Celebrations right now in Gears of War 4:

Global double xp

We're kicking off the celebrations with OVER a week of Double XP! Until October 16th, enjoy Double XP in Horde and Versus (which will be super helpful if you're chasing your Seriously Year One emblem!)


Collect the commemorative Golden Gear and Golden Gear weapon skins this month! This 400 Credit Pack will only be available this month as a celebration of our 1st Birthday - only those who were there and collected him will ever have this character. The Golden Gear Pack will be available until October 13th, and then again from October 20th for a short time.


By popular demand, the hip-fire only madness of Golden Gun is back! If you haven't played Golden Gun, it's an intense game mode of cat and mouse - you have one bullet in the chamber and no aiming down sights. Mis your shot and you'll have a long (LONG) reload before you can take your next shot. Land it, and you'll instantly gib your opponent and get a bullet back in the chamber. It's crazy, it's fun and it's great for insane clips. Have fun out there.

More surprises next week

On October 11th, one year after Gears of War 4, we'll have a couple of little surprises in store. Keep your calendars open and stay tuned for even more surprises coming soon.

Thank you to all of our fans around the world for your support, passion and excitement for our game. We are truly grateful for all that you do. We're still listening, we're still learning and we're still thinking about how we can improve in the future. While we won't be adding any major features or further map drops past our October Update, we still have plenty more to come on the Road Ahead.

We'll be celebrating you on our social channels over the coming weeks and providing a healthy dose of giveaway items to boot. In the meantime, have a great time playing with that Double XP this weekend, and stay tuned for more surprises to come next week. Once more from all of us at The Coalition, thank you for your dedication, passion and support of our game. Here's to the future!