Gears of War 4 Turns One

Last week, we kicked off the celebrations for Gears of War 4's First Birthday early with a whole host of new stuff to do in Gears of War 4. Read about that and our message to the community here.

Today, on October 11th, Gears of War 4 officially turns one year old! To remember an amazing first year of our community and the game, we've put together a little video to celebrate. We <3 you Gears fans.


You read that right. For one day ONLY, we are turning on our biggest Global XP bonus ever for Gears of War 4 with a 4x boost! Enjoy a massive increase to your match and ribbon XP across Horde and Versus for 24 hours until 10am PDT on October 12th! Enjoy!

(Don’t forget, Bounties are not impacted by XP bonus events).

Gary Carmine

The Carmine family love runs strong in the Gears community. To celebrate one year of Gears of War 4, Gary Carmine is now craftable for everyone permanently as of… now! Head to your Customization collection to craft him.

  • There's still time to collect Golden Gear and Golden Gear weapon skins until October 13th, and then again from October 20th for a short time.
  • Golden Gun, the ultimate hip-fire insta-gib simulator (we guess), is still running! Get out there and nail those fancy-looking Quads until it disappears on the 16th.
  • Once 4XP is over, we'll be back to Double XP until October 16th!
  • Clear your calendars - we'll have a FREE commemorative weapon skin to pick up in game this weekend only. Stay tuned.

We have plenty more to look forward to over the coming months. This October, we'll be focusing on celebrating how you made this year special on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we'll provide new opportunities to add some swag to your collection with some swagtastic giveaways.

In-game, you can look forward to the final Map Drop for Gears of War 4 later this month and Halloween as we lead up to the big one... the 11 Years of Gears celebrations! We're really excited about our plans for this - expect new content to collect, a whole month of events to dive into and a bunch of community goodness to take part in.

That's it from us. We said it last week but we'll happily say it again. Thank you for an amazing year and for all your support!