Hammer of Dawn

Hammer of Dawn


The Hammer of Dawn is a satellite-based weapon that functions only out in the open and, even then, only when satellites are overhead. Its use is controversial in the Gears universe because it was used to decimate cities to kill the Locust in 1 A.E., but it also killed millions of people in the process.

The Hammer of Dawn calls on the power of an Imulsion-based laser system to rain down destruction. Its energy beam is guidable while being fired so enemies can be tracked as they move, but it cuts off after 5-10 seconds, at which time the targeting system must be reset.   

This weapon was first introduced in Gears of War 1.


Adam Fenix finished the Hammer of Dawn in 1 B.E., partially with the help of Union of Independent Republics intel stolen by Marcus FenixColonel Victor HoffmanBernie Mataki, Carlos Santiago, Dominic Santiago and Helena Stroud. The creation of this devastating weapon forced the UIR to the bargaining table and won the Pendulum Wars for the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Unfortunately, the Locust emerged six weeks later...

In 1 A.E., the Hammer of Dawn was used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to destroy cities in the hopes of killing the Locust. People were asked to evacuate, but not enough time was given. Many people were killed by the COG's attack. Many of those who survived became the Stranded. They generally hate COGs and Gears because of the Hammer of Dawn attacks.