Beta 測試計畫詳細資訊

Registration Requirements:

  • You must own an Xbox One console.

  • You must have an Xbox Live membership in good standing.

  • You must have high-speed internet access.

  • Must have enough storage space to download the Beta, which is approximately 7 GB.


Additional Details:

  • English only.

  • Versus Multiplayer only.

  • Not available to download in Germany, Korea, China and Japan.

  • This build is a snapshot of a work-in-progress game and can be prone to normal game development issues.

  • Glitches, hitches, and even crashes may be present.  Some Xbox Live features may not work correctly. 

  • For updates on content and events, come back to the or read the in-game Message of the Day.

Since this software is pre-release code, we cannot provide customer support in the traditional sense.  However, we collect data and feedback as you play the Beta that helps us improve and enhance the final product.  Your contributions are an invaluable part of our success.

Beta feedback is welcome.  Go to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta forum to share your feedback.


Beta 測試計畫時間表

Beta 測試的時間表為何?

  • 2015 年 6 月 15 日起開放註冊。

  • 第一批玩家會在那一天獲得 Beta 測試的資格。之後,我們會依照玩家在 上註冊的先後次序,來給予 Beta 測試的資格。

  • 玩家將能夠在「禁行區」地圖上進行團隊生死戰。

  • 在完成 10,000 場配對遊戲之後,我們會對所有玩家開放第二張地圖。

  • 根據 Beta 測試的參與情況和需求,我們可能會開放另一個遊戲模式,及/或其他幾張地圖。

  • 請每天查看 或遊戲選單中的訊息來獲得新消息,因為我們可能會在特定幾天或是一天中的特定時間,提供特殊武器塗裝和角色的獎勵給您。

  • 在 Beta 測試進行期間,某些配對設定將會變更數次,例如自救、主動裝填彈藥的傷害力提昇等設定。我們歡迎您在「戰爭機器:旗艦版」的 Beta 測試論壇,分享您對這些設定的意見反應。

  • 隨時留意其他的特殊活動!您的參與可能會讓自己獲得專屬的獎勵,例如可使用的多人遊戲角色或武器塗裝。


Beta 版遊戲中的各項功能和所有地圖,就是將來零售版遊戲中的功能和所有地圖嗎?

  • 不是,Beta 版遊戲的內容只是零售版遊戲中的一小部份。Beta 版遊戲只提供 1 至 2 種多人遊戲模式,以及少數幾張地圖。而零售版遊戲將包含種類繁多的多人遊戲模式和地圖。


當零售版遊戲上市時,我在 Beta 測試時的統計資料和遊戲進度會轉移到零售版遊戲中嗎?

您在 Beta 測試時的進度和排名將不會轉移到最終版本的遊戲中。然而,您在 Beta 測試中獲得的所有武器塗裝或多人遊戲角色,將能夠轉移到在零售版遊戲中,但只有您用來進行「戰爭機器:旗艦版」Beta 測試的玩家代號才能使用。

註冊及進行 Beta 測試

如要註冊「戰爭機器:旗艦版」的 Beta 測試,請依照下列步驟進行。如需每個步驟的詳細資訊,請繼續閱讀以下內容。

  1. 使用您想用來註冊 Beta 測試的玩家代號 (Microsoft 帳戶) 登入。您必須擁有 Xbox Live 金會員帳戶才能進行 Beta 測試。

  2. 按一下 上的 [Register for the Beta] (註冊 Beta 測試) 連結來註冊。您將會收到網站發出的通知,確認您已註冊成功。(我們不會傳送確認註冊成功的電子郵件。)

  3. 查看您的 Xbox Messages 來取得下載代碼,最多可能必須等待 24 小時才會收到代碼。請確認您查看了您註冊用玩家代號所收到的所有訊息。

  4. 當您收到下載代碼之後,請兌換代碼來下載「戰爭機器:旗艦版」Beta 測試用的遊戲版本。

  5. 再次查看您的 Xbox Messages 來取得啟動代碼。從您下載遊戲的那一刻開始,您最多可能必須等待 24 小時才會收到內含啟動代碼的第二則訊息。

  6. 兌換您的啟動代碼來解除 Beta 版遊戲的鎖定,然後您就可以開始玩遊戲了!


Codes will be sent on a first come, first served basis.  The download code will be sent within 24 hours after registering on the website.  And it can take up to 48 hours after registering for the Beta to receive your activation code.  Access to the Beta is not guaranteed.

Redeem your Download Code:

  • Within 24 hours after registering, you’ll receive a message in your Xbox Messages with a download code allowing you to download the Beta to your console.

  • You can access your download code either through your Xbox One or on

Redeem your activation code

  • Within 24 hours from receiving your download code, you will receive a second message in your Xbox Messages with an activation code.

  • You will need to redeem this code to play the Beta.

  • You can access your download code either through your Xbox One or on

  • Now you can play the Beta!

I still haven’t received anything—what’s going on?

Please be patient. We’re doing everything we can to get you playing the Beta as quickly as possible. The team is closely monitoring server stability and load balance to ensure the best online multiplayer experience.  Please make sure the Microsoft account (Gamertag) you used to register for the Beta matches the account you are checking your Xbox Messages on. Your account must be in good standing with Xbox Live.  

For more information on the status of the Beta, go to or follow @GearsofWar on Twitter.


How can I send my Beta feedback to The Coalition?

We are very interested in your feedback!  There are a few ways to share it with us:

  1. Sign up for our feedback surveys
    • When registering for the Beta, you can opt in to to receive surveys from The Coaltion (including a Beta survey)
    • Opting in means agreeing to receive occasional email surveys from us. 
    • If you don't want to continue receiving surveys from us, an Unsubscribe option is available in the email you'll receive from us.
  2. Share your thoughts on the Forums


我在進行 Beta 測試時遇到技術性的問題,該怎麼辦?

  1. Try restarting the game.
  2. Try restarting your Xbox One.

  3. Try unplugging your Xbox One’s power, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in and try again.

  4. Still not working? Go to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition forums to find assistance.

Thanks for helping us test Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and for being a big part of helping us improve the game through your feedback and participation.